Space Access: SKYLON - Capabilities

SKYLON would be able to address all major space launch markets. For example:

SKYLON Upper Stage


SKYLON can deliver payloads to low Earth orbit (LEO) which have an upper stage attached to propel them to Geo-stationary orbit (GSO). This allows SKYLON to cater for telecoms and other markets which require GSO satellite launches. Once used it would be possible to collect the upper stage for reuse on a future mission.


Small Satellite Carrier

Multiple Small Satellites

SKYLON can launch multiple small satellites in a single launch by installing a small payload carrier rack in the payload bay.





Personnel and Cargo

A specialised compartment can be installed in SKYLON payload bay to carry people and cargo into space.





SKYLON approaches the ISS

Space Station Supplies

SKYLON can link to space stations using a specially designed interface allowing passengers and supplies to be delivered.



SKYLON with Space Station

Orbital Infrastructure

SKYLON would be able to launch elements on in-orbit infrastructure such as modules for future space stations, for space telescopes, for planetary missions and for large satellites.


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