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The Videos


Alan Bond Interview

Alan Bond Interview

Alan Bond talks about the heat exchanger tesing programme, and its impact on future of air and space travel.

Note: This video is presented in 1920x1080.

Download (242MB)




Animation showing the features of the SABRE engine and the Precooler.

Download (23.9 MB)


SKYLON Operations

SKYLON - Operations

Animation showing some of the operational capabilities of the SKYLON spaceplane.

Download (115.1 MB)



SKYLON Personnel & Logistics

Highlighting SKYLON's lgoistics and personnel carrying capabilities..

Download (59.2 MB)



Project Troy

Project Troy - Mission to Mars

Depicts a posible mission to Mars, demonstrating the modular and re-usable aspects of the SKYLON-based infrastructure.

Download (93.5 MB)





Mach 5 travel from Europe to Australia.

Download (36.3 MB)


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