Reaction Engines, Inc.

We’re taking innovative technologies to US markets with our US-staffed subsidiary, Reaction Engines, Inc. based in Littleton, Colorado. Reaction Engines, Inc. supports the expansion of the company’s development efforts and leads engagement with potential US government and industry partners. Our US arm builds upon the excellent collaborative R&D efforts already accomplished with the Air Force Research Laboratory and NASA. It is our base for TF2 and HTX testing and positions Reaction Engines’ technology for future users and markets.



Test Facility 2 (TF2), Colorado

A new high-temperature airflow test facility located near Watkins, Colorado.

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Hot HTX test

A manufacturing and performance ground level demonstration of a pre-cooler type heat exchanger in a high enthalpy environment.


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Adam Dissel, RE Inc president

Adam is accountable for all U.S. business, running the Colorado office and developing relationships with U.S. Industry and Government.

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