Test Facility 2 (TF2)

Reaction Engines, Inc. is near completion of a new high-temperature airflow test facility where it plans to validate the performance of the pre-cooler heat exchanger technology. Located at the Front Range Airport near Watkins, Colorado, the test facility will be capable of exposing the precooler test article (HTX) to high-temperature airflow conditions in excess of 1000°C that are expected during high-speed flights up to Mach 5.

Reaction Engines, Inc. recently received a contract award from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to conduct these HTX tests which are designed to build upon previous successful testing of the pre- cooler heat exchanger at ambient temperature conditions.

Once TF2 achieves full operations and following the completion of HTX testing, the company plans to make the facility available to industry, technology developers and universities who could benefit from the facility’s unique test capabilities.


Core engine demonstrator

A complete engine ‘core’ that can be tested at ground-level static conditions, right up to Mach 5, and 25 km altitude.

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Hot HTX test programme

A manufacturing and performance ground level demonstration of a pre-cooler type heat exchanger in a high enthalpy environment.

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Test facilities 1 (TF1)

Our test facility at Westcott, Buckinghamshire, UK will enable us to test critical subsystems along with the testing of a SABRE™ engine core.

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