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Reaction Engines Ltd was founded in 1989 by Alan Bond, Richard Varvill and John Scott Scott. The three propulsion engineers worked together at Rolls Royce on the RB545 engine, destined for use on the HOTOL vehicle. Reaction Engines was formed to evolve the HOTOL and RB545 concepts into the SABRE engine class and its associated airframe concepts, which are now under active development in Oxfordshire, UK.

John Scott-Scott

John Scott-Scott, or ‘Scotty’ as many knew him, died in the early hours of Saturday 12th December 2015. This marked the passing of a truly remarkable aerospace engineer, forged by Britain’s military demands post-World War Two and in the subsequent Cold War years. John’s speciality was hydrodynamics, in particular of high performance centrifugal pumps for rocket engines, for which he gained World renown. However, his broader expertise encompassed space launchers; aircraft; road vehicles and surface ships, and any form of...

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Alan Bond

Alan Bond began his career working on rocket engines in 1982, with the hope of overcoming the disadvantages of existing expendable space launch vehicles. Within this work, Alan realised that burning air in the combustion chambers while flying in the atmosphere instead of carrying on-board liquid oxygen could potentially save a great deal of the vehicle's weight. He soon discovered that the best means of achieving this was by using heat exchangers to extract heat from the incoming air flow...

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Richard Varvill

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