CNC machining

CNC Milling

With our range of high specification CNC machines Manufacturing Solutions provides 3-axis and 5-axis milling services. Our machining centres deliver high levels of dimensional accuracy and surface finish. Through using the latest CAD/CAM software we manufacture high tolerance components in a variety of materials including Titanium and Nickel alloys.

When combined with our experienced manufacturing team, our machining centres and CAD/CAM systems enable us to manufacture high value one off components and also to provide cost effective batch production services in sizes up to 700mm x 1100mm.

CNC Turning

With both NC and CNC machines, our turning cell is experienced in machining components from small intricate parts through to large components up to 400mm diameter with a 1m maximum length.

With years of experience in turning complex parts for the nuclear, scientific, aerospace and industrial market sectors Manufacturing Solutions is practiced in meeting customer’s high precision requirements.

Wire EDM

With a Sodi-Tech EDM machine, Manufacturing Solutions produces complex components beyond the capabilities of CNC turning and milling centres.

Our toolmakers have produced a range of custom tooling and jigs which enable us to provide efficient wire machining on parts up to 500mm in height.

To discuss how we can add value to your manufacturing process please get in touch with our Advanced Manufacturing and Production team to discuss how we can help.

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Vacuum brazing

Specialised vacuum brazing that is able to achieve high strength, void-free joints with a broad range of materials.

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Applied Technologies

We have developed world leading capabilities in advanced heat exchanger and thermo management technology.

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