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We are an advanced aerospace technology company headquartered in Oxfordshire, UK. We are developing the technologies needed for a new class of innovative hypersonic propulsion system – the Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine – SABRE.

View our latest vacancies and take the first step to joining a revolution in aerospace propulsion.

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Latest Vacancy:

Assistant Brazing Assembler

This role will operate primarily in support of the Brazing / Materials Technologist undertaking a range of technical tasks focussing on the preparation of assemblies for vacuum brazing. The role addresses the requirement for careful identification of component parts and a methodical and neat approach to the assembly and preparation, for processing, of a range of delicate and technically complex assemblies.

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Life at Reaction Engines

We're committed to delivering world-beating capabilities We're working together to build the world's most powerful engines, which will power the world's fastest aircraft. With disciplines and expertise across a broad spectrum of engineering and business activities, there couldn't be a better time to join us on the journey. Read on to find out how you can join a team which is 100-strong and growing.

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We're looking for the world's most talented people to join our team. Innovation, commitment and quality are going to be at the heart of delivering the SABRE demonstrator engine, and we want you to be part of it. See our latest vacancies, and apply for your place in the team building the future of air and space flight.

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Apprenticeships and Graduate scheme

We're training the next generation of rocket scientists. We're in the middle of a long-term development programme, and we know that we'll need skill sets which are hard to find. Our apprenticeship scheme takes outstanding young people and trains them in both academic and real work environments to turn them into our next generation of designers, technicians and engineers. We're already seeing positive results - read on to see how you could be part of the future of powered flight.

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