Event details.

Defence Space 2020

from: Tuesday, 17th November 2020
until: Wednesday, 18th November 2020


Reaction Engines is co-sponsoring with BAE Systems during this year’s Defence Space Conference.

The Defence Space Conference 2020 will explore the opportunities and disruptive possibilities for the future of military space. Engaging with speakers from across the military, Government, industry, and academia, it will consider how Defence mobilises, modernises, and transforms its approach to the Space domain now and into the future. The conference will also put in conversation Defence’s projections for the future of its current capabilities with the emerging technologies which look set to disrupt national and international plans in Space.

The Defence Space Conference 2020 is the leading platform for all those who seek to influence emerging thinking on the UK’s military space capability and plans. Bringing together senior UK Government officials, industry, academics, and leaders in disruptive technologies from the UK and overseas, Defence Space  is aimed at exploring the UK MoD’s ambitions in space, looking at the latest innovation, thought leadership and disruptive technologies in this vital domain. The two-day virtual event will see like minded colleagues from many nations provide insights and discuss future opportunities with the aim of building resilience and exploring opportunity.

Panel session

Carrie Lambert, Chief Project Engineer will be presenting during the Industry Innovation panel on Wednesday 18th November between 12:00 – 13:00.

A chief issue for UK Defence is how it approaches its space industrial strategy and technology partnerships and how it pursues a national space strategy for the UK from a security and prosperity perspective. This panel discussion will address where UK investment should focus, what types of disruptive technologies are developed and what they can ‘do’ for Defence. And what are the traditional Defence ‘Primes’ doing to step up their game to keep in step with the agile ‘NewSpace’ sector.