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IAC 2020 – The CyberSpace Edition 12-14 October 2020

from: Monday, 12th October 2020
until: Wednesday, 14th October 2020

The IAC is the one place and time of the year where all global space actors come together. Covering all space sectors and topics, it offers everyone the latest space information and developments in academia and industry, networking opportunities, contacts and potential partnerships.

The IAC 2020 – The CyberSpace Edition encompasses most of the traditional IAC features compatible with a virtual format, including plenaries, highlight lectures, the IAF Global Networking Forum Programme, technical programme including special sessions, press conferences and networking sessions.

Simon Feast, Future SABRE Studies Lead, will be delivering a symposium keynote lecture on the Development Status of SABRE, as part of the Space Propulsion symposium on Hypersonic Air-breathing and Combined Cycle Propulsion, and Hypersonic Vehicles – In this pre-recorded talk, he discussed the SABRE design and engineering challenges as well as the technical strategy behind the development programme.

IAC-20-C4-7-1 The Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine (SABRE) - Development Status Update

He also sits on the IAF Space Propulsion Technical Committee and will be supporting the conference alongside fellow global industry experts to review and plan the Propulsion Symposium.

Additionally, Reaction Engines also submitted a joint paper with the French Space Agency (CNES), reporting on the current findings from the recent initial collaborative joint study into a Two Stage-To-Orbit (TSTO) SABRE powered launch vehicle. This paper highlights the flight performance and ground segment aspects, the Reaction Engines part of this presentation will be given by Patrick Rennie, Systems Analyst, on behalf of all of the team who were involved in the initial work carried out.

IAC-20-D2.4.5 Architecture and Ground operations concept for a Two Stage To Orbit using SABRE engines and launched from the CSG European Spaceport

How to sign up for the conference:

This year, registration for the conference is free of charge. You can register at https://iac2020.vfairs.com and gain access to all virtual presentations, details on conference news, sessions and overall schedule.

The Technical Gallery for viewing all presentations will be accessible from Monday 12 Oct 13:40 to Wednesday 14 October 15:30. There is no dedicated time slot for the different sessions. All the presentations are stored as a video which can be viewed whenever the remote participant wishes during the Technical Gallery hours above.