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RAeS Conference: Alternative Propulsion Systems – the Challenges and Opportunities for Aircraft Design

from: Wednesday, 1st December 2021
until: Thursday, 2nd December 2021



The aviation industry, like other sectors, must respond to the challenges posed by Climate Change. In the UK, and around the world, the industry has been tasked with finding the pathway to net zero emissions.

A key pillar of a successful strategy for net zero will be the adoption of alternative propulsion systems, including electric and hydrogen based schemes. This transition has significant implications for aircraft design, representing perhaps the single biggest departure from conventional configurations in decades. The requirements for integration of these propulsion systems will drive solutions that differ significantly from the ‘wet wings’ and other fuel tanks arrangements of many current aircraft.

This conference will bring together speakers from the aerodynamics, propulsion and structures & materials disciplines to discuss the design challenges and opportunities presented by alternatively-fuelled aircraft, how to achieve the level of confidence in their design as enjoyed by existing configurations, and ultimately how to realise the potential of these systems as a contributor to net zero aviation.

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