Royal Aeronautical Society - can the UK join the hypersonic weapons race?

from: Thursday, 21st November 2019
until: Thursday, 21st November 2019

This year’s Conference organised by the RAeS Weapons Systems & Technology Specialist Group will be a forum focused on the technologies needed to develop and produce an operative hypersonic or high-speed weapon system for both offensive and defensive purposes.

The recent renewed interest in hypersonic and high-speed weapons has gained momentum with both Russia and China developing, testing and deploying such systems and reducing the lead held in this field by the U.S. The focal point of the Conference is “Can the UK join the hypersonic weapons race?” From a UK perspective addressing the requirements and needs for such systems:

- Are high-speed weapons needed?
- What would be the purpose of a UK hypersonic weapon system?
- What is the rationale behind the threat systems?
- What defensive measures can be taken to neutralise such systems?
- Requirements capture for a high-speed system

This Conference will discuss the technology enablers require to field an operational system, their status and their capability. It will include leading-edge research and the development of hypersonic weapon systems being deployed by other nations. Attendees can expect to hear updates from both academic and industry speakers on the following topics:

- Thermal protection systems
- Propulsion
- Aerodynamics and aerothermodynamics
- Navigation, guidance and control
- Defending against the hypersonic threat
- Detecting and tracking
- Ground test facilities and modelling and simulation
- Vehicle design
- Flight testing
- Mission planning