SpaceUp Leicester

from: Saturday, 16th November 2019
until: Saturday, 16th November 2019






Date: 16th November

Time: 08:30 – 18:00

Venue: DOCK Leicester, LE4 5NU

Tickets: For more information to purchase tickets, please visit their website here.


We are excited to be Bronze Sponsors of the SpaceUp Unconference. An unconference is where participants decide the topics, schedule, and structure of the event. Everyone who attends SpaceUp is encouraged to give a talk, moderate a panel, or start a discussion. Sessions are proposed and scheduled on the day they are given, which means the usual “hallway conversations” turn into full-fledged topics. 


Panel 1: Inspiring the Next Generation – Education and Outreach in the Space Sector

Panel 2: Democratisation in Space – Your Place in Space