Pre-cooled Jet Engines

In addition to being a key element of SABRE, the pre-cooler technology also finds application in conventional gas turbine jet engines. In particular, the pre-cooler can be used with current high-performance jet engines to extend the operational envelope of the engine, allowing faster speeds to be achieved as well as assisting in the thermal management of the engine, and may also enable more efficient next generation civil aero engines. We are working with a number of partners to explore these applications and understand how the technology may be applied to existing and future propulsion systems.


Test Facility 2 (TF2), Colorado

A new high-temperature airflow test facility located near Watkins, Colorado.

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Flight applications

SABRE engines could allow aircraft to fly much faster than traditional jet engines – in various conditions.

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We have developed world leading capabilities in advanced heat exchanger development, design and manufacture.

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