Our pre-coolers ensure the engine sees cool ambient air conditions, right up to the high speed operating point. They are made from thousands of thin-walled tubes to provide high surface area to low weight. Each tube is joined to an inlet and outlet manifold, which allows coolant to be injected and removed for the cooling process. We're the only people in the world with the heat exchanger manufacturing experience to bond thousands of joints in a single operation, and achieve zero leakage. The joints in our pre-cooler modules are hermetically sealed, meaning that we can measure any escaping gas by the molecule.


HTX test programme

A manufacturing and performance ground level demonstration of a pre-cooler type heat exchanger in a high enthalpy environment.

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Pre-cooled jet engine

In addition to being a key element of SABRE™, the pre-cooler technology also finds application in conventional gas turbine jet engines. 

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Applied Technologies

We have developed world leading capabilities in advanced heat exchanger and thermo management technology.

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