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Providing solutions for advanced manufacturing

We’re developing a suite of aerospace technologies for SABRE – the Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine. Our core capabilities are in the development, manufacture and testing of ultra-lightweight heat exchangers and propulsion systems. The range of technologies which enable high speed air and space vehicles are also applicable to many other thermal, power and propulsion systems. Our heat exchanger technology has the potential to revolutionise the way we approach thermal management across a range of industries, from aerospace to motorsport, industrial processes, and oil and gas.


Heat Exchangers

Our proprietary heat exchanger technology is the most powerful means of cooling air in the world. A pre-cooler of the same weight as a small car (~1 tonne) can remove 400 MW of heat from the air - that's the equivalent of a small power station. The cooled air enters a compressor like a jet engine, and the pre-cooler allows it to do so at any temperature up to 1,000°C.

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Compressors & Turbines

The turbine captures the heat removed from the hot airflow and uses it to drive the compressor, which in turn drives high pressure air into the rocket combustion chambers. This elegant solution increases the efficiency of the engine. Unlike a conventional gas turbine, the SABRE turbine runs on helium.

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Combustion Systems

The rocket is the business end of the SABRE engine. It produces a huge amount of thrust for it's weight, and can be operated as an air-breather, or switched into rocket mode using on-board liquid oxygen. We've been working with Airborne Engineering to test our variable geometry rocket nozzles, which adjust for changes in air pressure to allow efficient propulsion from sea level to vacuum.

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