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Compressors & Turbines

The turbine captures the heat removed from the hot airflow and uses it to drive the compressor, which in turn drives high pressure air into the rocket combustion chambers. This elegant solution increases the efficiency of the engine. Unlike a conventional gas turbine, the SABRE turbine runs on helium.

Air Compressors

Much like the compressor in a jet engine, the SABRE air compressor produces high pressure air for combustion. The compressor has a counter-rotating arrangement so it can be driven by the novel helium turbine we're developing.

Helium Turbines

Our Helium Turbine works differently to a conventional exhaust turbine. Instead of the hot exhaust from the combustion chamber driving the turbine blades around, the SABRE turbine uses the hot helium exiting the pre-cooler. This creates a unique issue for SABRE, because the speed of sound in hot helium is roughly twice that of the cold air entering the compressor. To optimise the turbine, a contra-rotating design is used, where the stators are removed and each blade row is rotating in the opposite direction to its neighbour. This provides opportunities for mass reduction.