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Our Offering

Drawing on everything we have amassed during the 25 years of the SABRE development programme, we are able to offer a unique and extensive range of capabilities from propulsion systems and advanced heat exchanger design and development through to advanced manufacturing, precision machining and fabrication.

Advanced Heat Exchangers

We have developed world leading capabilities in advanced heat exchanger design and manufacture. This expertise covers both tube and microchannel plate heat exchangers. Our advanced manufacturing process has allowed us to achieve channel and tube sizes far smaller than current available systems. It results in unprecedented effectiveness and efficiency, greater compactness and reduced weight.

Have you an application that needs compact, light, high-performance heat exchange? Or want to understand how we can unlock new capabilities in your sector - whether it is aerospace, energy, HVAC, motorsport or elsewhere? Then please get in touch with our Business Development lead, Allister Furey , to find out how we can help.

Advanced Manufacturing

Our advanced manufacturing facilities include world leading precision vacuum brazing, diffusion bonding and electroforming capabilities.

Our in-house materials technologists have decades of experience solving challenges in aerospace, high energy physics and energy. They are able to work with our clients to develop solutions for manufacturing challenges, as well as producing high-quality, rapid turnaround batch and repeat work. We have world class capability in high specification vacuum brazing and electroforming and are adding exciting new capabilities in 2017.

Contact our Advanced Manufacturing and Production Manager, Simon Hanks, to discuss how we can help.

Precision Engineering and Fabrication

Our subsidiaries Brite Precision and Crossman Engineering offer precision manufacturing and fabrication services. We’re equipped with the latest Hurco 5 axis CNC machining and Sodick CNC EDM wire erosion hardware, and our team are experienced in working in a wide variety of materials including novel alloys and ceramics. Quality is ensured by state-of-the-art Zeiss CMM part inspection and ISO 9001 quality management.

Having Precision Engineering and Advanced manufacturing facilities together in our group means we can tackle a wide range of engineering challenges for our customers. Contact us here to discuss how we can help.