Applied Technologies.
From outer space to your place.

A division of Reaction Engines – our Applied Technologies team has been established to help you move beyond what’s currently possible in your industry.

By adapting the innovative heat exchange systems designed for SABRE and applying them to a wide range of commercial industries, our team can help businesses to unlock their full potential. From improving performance in motorsport, converting waste energy into renewable electricity and supporting sustainable aviation, we’re just getting started.



Going beyond in

Smaller, lighter, faster – our heat exchange systems reduce weight and size to improve lap times.

Going beyond in

Turning waste energy into power – reducing the industry’s carbon footprint. The first step towards a greener future.

Going beyond in
Aerospace and Defence

The sky’s not the limit. Less weight and drag ultimately means less fuel consumption – dramatically improving aircraft efficiency.

To understand how we can unlock new potential in your business, please get in touch with our Applied Technologies team to find out how we can help: