Applied Technologies

The potential to revolutionise multiple industries

Reaction Engines’ patented heat exchanger technologies present the opportunity to create a step change in thermal management solutions across a range of industries including aerospace, automotive, energy and industrial processes.

Developed for high speed flight, the high performance and lightweight heat exchangers are capable of rapid heat transfer within an exceptionally compact package. The combination of our proprietary design methodology and revolutionary architecture enables class leading performance, whilst maintaining a competitive price point. The result is an application specific solution focused upon key requirements, allowing for industry-specific optimisation.

The recently formed Reaction Engines Applied Technologies team is developing and delivering on opportunities in these areas:


Automotive & motorsport

Our next generation heat exchange technology delivers a step change in performance for charge air cooling and engine cooling. Lighter and smaller than conventional automotive radiators, it dramatically improves overall vehicle aerodynamics.


Aerospace & defence

The exceptionally high degree of compactness embodied by our heat exchange technology enables a transformation in the heat transfer possible within the mass and volume constraints presented by aerospace applications.



Our high effectiveness heat
exchange solutions coupled with low pressure drop results in unrivalled technical performance. This enables waste heat to energy applications in a highly competitive market focused on decarbonising power generation.


Industrial processes

Our high performance
technologies are capable of transforming a range of manufacturing processes. Design flexibility allows compatibility with the most challenging installation requirements, whilst balancing other driving factors to create an elegant, optimised solution.

To understand how we can unlock new capabilities in your sector, please get in touch with our Applied Technologies
team to find out how we can help:



To build the world's most powerful cooling systems, we've invested in the most advanced manufacturing technology.

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We have developed world leading capabilities in advanced heat exchanger development, design and manufacture.

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Pre cooled jet engine

In addition to being a key element of SABRE, the pre-cooler technology also finds application in conventional gas turbine jet engines. 

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