HiSST 2020

Reaction Engines will be exhibiting at the 2nd International Conference on High-Speed Vehicle Science & Technology in Bruges, Belgium on April 20th-24th

from: Monday, 20th April 2020
until: Friday, 24th April 2020

Farnborough International 2020

Farnborough airshow is the foremost meeting place for industry professionals in aviation and Reaction Engines is very pleased to be part of the show, once again this year!

from: Monday, 20th July 2020
until: Friday, 24th July 2020

Parliamentary Space Committee delegation visits TF2

Reaction Engines was delighted to welcome a cross-party delegation from the Parliamentary Space Committee (PSC) to its TF2 facility in Denver, Colorado, on 4 February. 2020

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2019 – Year in Review

It’s that time of year again where we all reflect upon the previous twelve months and look to the New Year ahead.

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Winners Announced for Aviation Week Network’s Annual Laureate Awards

Reaction Engines has been announced as a winner in the Space category for propulsion in the prestigious Aviation Week Network Laureate Awards. The awards recognise outstanding achievement in aviation, aerospace and defence.

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Reaction Engines awarded contract by Nammo UK

Reaction Engines awarded contract by Nammo UK to supply innovative heat exchanger for UK’s new National Space Propulsion Test Facility

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Reaction Engines has successfully tested its innovative precooler at airflow temperature conditions representing Mach 5, or five times the speed of sound, marking a significant milestone in the development of its SABRE™ engine and paving the way for a revolution in hypersonic flight and space access.

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Reaction Engines wins prestigious Institute of Physics Award

Reaction Engines is recognised by the Institute of Physics, winning a Business Innovation award at the institute's annual Business Awards in Westminster.

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Reaction Engines to support research into UK spaceport feasibility

Reaction Engines launches feasibility study with Machrihanish Airbase Community Company as part of UK government funded research into UK Spaceport sites

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Reaction Engines participating in UK MOD - funded research programme to develop hypersonic propulsion systems

The Ministry of Defence intends to place a £10M contract to develop hypersonic propulsion systems for increased aircraft performance and capability.

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Reaction Engines announces European collaboration to investigate the impact of air-breathing propulsion systems on future space launch architectures

Reaction Engines is delighted to announce a collaboration with the French Space Agency, the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES) and the UK Space Agency to work together on a joint study to investigate the impact of air-breathing propulsion systems on future space launch architectures.

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Reaction Engines identified in London Stock Exchange Group’s ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Britain’ 2019 report

The report is a celebration of the UK’s fastest-growing and most dynamic small and medium sized businesses (SMEs), with companies representing over 40 sectors and spanning every country and region across the UK.

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Reaction Engines and Air Liquide sign agreement for liquid hydrogen and gaseous supply system at SABRE test facility

Reaction Engines and Air Liquide have signed an agreement at the Paris Air Show for the system to supply gases and liquids to the Reaction Engines’ Westcott test facility. The test facility at Westcott, Buckinghamshire, will be a national asset bringing unique capability to support Hydrogen test requirements in the UK.

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Phillip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer visits Reaction Engines

Chancellor of the Exchequer, The Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP, recently visited Reaction Engines’ Culham headquarters where he was briefed on recent milestones in its SABRE development programme and saw how the company’s proprietary technology has the potential to revolutionise thermal management across multiple applications.

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National Composites Centre Announces New Innovation Partnership with Reaction Engines Ltd

The NCC will be working with Reaction Engines Ltd, pioneers in hypersonic propulsion technology for reusable launch vehicles, to accelerate their ceramic matrix composites research.

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Reaction Engines test programme successfully proves precooler capability at supersonic heat conditions

A key element of the revolutionary SABRE™ air-breathing rocket engine successfully passes the first phase of high-temperature testing.

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Reaction Engines scoops two awards at South and Vale Business Awards

Winners of Large Business of the Year and Employer of the Year.

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ESA completes further design validation of Reaction Engine's revolutionary air breathing SABRE™ rocket engine

The development programme of the world’s first air-breathing rocket engine has taken an additional significant step forward, which will lead to major testing milestones being undertaken within the next 18 months.

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Reaction Engines Ltd is delighted to announce the appointment of Matt Morris as Engineering Director

Reaction Engines Ltd is delighted to announce the appointment of Matt Morris as Engineering Director.

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Reaction Engines celebrates National Apprenticeship Week

To celebrate National Apprentice Week, our current apprentices are giving an insight into what its really like being part of our scheme...

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2019 South and Vale Business Awards Finalists!

We are delighted to have been shortlisted as finalists in the South and Vale Business Awards.

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Reaction Engines Ltd is delighted to announce the appointment of Steve Gill as Chief Commercial Officer

In this new role Steve will be responsible for building and growing the Company’s Applied Technologies Business Division as well as supporting the wider commercial decision making of Reaction Engines working closely with the CEO and Board.

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Building momentum in our development programme

A busy 2018 sets the stage for major development milestones...

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Consarc Case Study

Imagine travelling halfway around the world in a mere four hours. This may sound like science fiction, but such travel will soon be an economical reality powered by SABRE engines.

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BA Business Life Magazine – November 2018 edition

Cool your Jets...Imagine an airliner so fast it can fly from London to Sydney and back again the same day. BA Business Life Magazine discusses how we are developing the engines to make it possible.

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Applications now open for graduate intake next year

We’re now accepting applications for our 2019 graduate intake. Find out more from three of our current graduates about the opportunities available and the highlights they have had working at Reaction Engines.

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Technicians Make it Happen - Baldeep

The Technicians Make it Happen campaign have interviewed a whole range of technicians working across science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) about what they do. Read Baldeep’s story here.

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Space cluster launch takes UK beyond the final frontier

The space age has entered a new focus with the launch of a multi-million-pound site dedicated to engineering, research and innovation.

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Reaction Engines’ new graduates start out on the path to unlocking the future of space access

Reaction Engines, has welcomed its new intake of graduates following the success of the inaugural year of its graduate scheme in 2017.

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Reaction Engines secures £26.5m investment from new industrial and financial investors

We have secures £26.5 million from some of the world's most influential investors in the aerospace and finance sectors.

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Science Vale UK companies star in new science and innovation video

Reaction Engines appear in an informative video alongside other innovative businesses from the Science Vale Area of the UK.

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Space Industry Bill - Royal Assent announced

The Space Industry Bill has now been put into law. This will allow the UK space sector to keep pace with the rest of the world and continue the growth it has experience over the last decade.

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Opportunity for Early Stage Businesses at Westcott

Westcott BIC is seeking early-stage companies with innovative technologies, products or services that will benefit from a specialist business and technical support package. If you think you fit the bill, get in contact with the BIC.

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Reaction Engines Manufacturing Solutions Division

Do you need precision machining, CAD, CNC and bespoke fabrication? Since we acquired Brite and Crossman Engineering, we can offer those services and more.

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Reaction Engines Begins Construction of High-Temperature Airflow Test Facility in Colorado

Reaction Engines, Inc. has begun construction of a new high-temperature airflow test facility where it plans to validate the performance of its precooler heat exchanger technology, an enabler of its revolutionary SABRETM engine.

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Westcott Test Site (TF1) – construction live feed

Reactions Engines Test Facility, known as TF1 is located in Westcott Venture Park in Buckinghamshire, a location with a strong history of rocket propulsion research, having been used to test various UK rocket projects since 1946, including the Blue Streak and Black Arrow programmes.

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Transport Minister visits Reaction Engines

Transport Minister John Hayes visited Reaction Engines today (Thursday, 7 December) to meet engineers, graduates and apprentices working on cutting edge technology that will enable the UK to compete in the global space market.

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Reaction Engines Partners with Government and Industry for Year of Engineering 2018

Reaction Engines joins forces with the Government on a year-long campaign to tackle the engineering skills gap and widen the pool of young people who join the profession.

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Engineering the Next Generation

The IET have started a current affairs channel on YouTube. A must-watch for anyone in the engineering and aeropspace sector.

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Alan Bond retires from Reaction Engines

'All good things come to and end'. Words from Alan Bond as he retires from Reaction Engines after an incredible 28 years with the company.

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Reaction Engines Awarded DARPA Contract to Perform High-Temperature Testing of the SABRE Precooler

The U.S. Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have awarded the U.S. subsidiary of Reaction Engines a contract to conduct high-temperature airflow testing in the United States.

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Government announces boost for UK Space Sector

The UK space industry has been given a huge boost through a £100m investment from the government. This investment is essential to make sure the UK stay ahead of the game in the world of aerospace.

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Alan Bond awarded Sir Arthur Clarke Award

Reaction Engines are very pround of Alan Bond who has been awarded the Sir Arthur Clarke ‘Space Lifetime Achievement’ award.

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Oxfordshire Business Awards - Finalist

We're very proud of ourselves for making it to the finals of the Oxfordshire Business Awards. We're keeping our fingers crossed but we'd also like to wish the other businesses the best of luck.

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Reaction Engines begins construction of UK rocket engine test facility

Reaction Engines Ltd. today began construction of a new engine test facility. The test facility at Westcott, Buckinghamshire, UK will enable Reaction Engines to test critical subsystems along with the testing of a SABRE engine core, which will commence in 2020.

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The Rt Hon Sir Michael Fallon MP visits Reaction Engines

On Monday 27 February we were delighted to welcome The Rt Hon Sir Michael Fallon MP to our facilities, demonstrating our world leading innovative technologies and manufacturing capabilities.

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OXLEP Growing Places case study - Enabling State-of-the-Art Quality Assurance Equipment and New Workforce

In 2014 OxLEP identified space related technologies in its strategic economic plan as an important sector to attract foreign direct investment and a focus for research & development projects. A project and opportunity was identified for Reaction Engines within the Growing Places Fund and in 2015 the company was awarded £140k as an investment 5 year loan.

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Reaction Engines secures funding to enable development of SABRE demonstrator engine

Reaction Engines Ltd., today announces the signing of a €10m European Space Agency (ESA) contract which will enable the development of its ground based demonstrator of SABRE.

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Reaction Engines participates in UK Space Agency-backed small launcher consortium

Orbital Access Ltd announced today that it has been awarded a £250,000 grant by the UK Space Agency to technically and commercially evaluate a roadmap for UK small space payload launchers. Reaction Engines are pleased to be involved alongside some other great aerospace businesses.

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Reaction Engines Ltd strengthens management team and establishes US-based subsidiary

Reaction Engines forms a U.S. subsidiary and appoints Mark Wood to the board.

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Reaction Engines Ltd Announces Appointment of Chris Allam to the Board of Directors

We're very pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Allam. Chris will co-ordinate BAE Systems’ collaboration on Reaction Engines’ development of its SABRE™ engine. Welcome on-board.

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BAE Systems and Reaction Engines to develop a ground breaking new aerospace engine

Learn all about how we're working with BAE Systems and using their investment to further our work.

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Jonathan Hale joins the Reaction Engines Ltd Board of Directors

We're pleased to announce that Jonathan Hale has been appointed as a Non-Executive Director at Reaction Engines. Find out more about the experience he brings to the company.

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European Commission Clears £50m UK State Aid for SABRE Engine Development

We're pleased to announce that the European commission has cleared the UK to grand £50 million in state aid for Reaction Engines' SABRE project.

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Reaction Engines Ltd Announces Collaboration with Defence Science and Technology Laboratory

Our collaboration with the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory. commenced in December 2013 and provides a framework for Dstl to assess the military utility of Reaction Engines’ Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine (‘SABRE’) and its enabling technologies.

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New Vacuum Furnace Installed in Culham, UK

We're celebrating the installation of our new vacuum furnace. This state-of-the-art facility is capable of achieving temperatures up to 1200°C and a vacuum level of less than one ten billionth of the Earth’s atmosphere (10-10atm).

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Reaction Engines begins testing new rocket engine

The SABRE engine requires a novel design of the rocket engine’s thrust chamber. The Advanced Nozzle project is demonstrating the feasibility of this concept and represents a significant technology development effort towards the SABRE demonstrator engine.

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Reaction Engines Ltd welcomes Tom Scrope as Finance Director

Reaction Engines welcomes Tom Scrope on board as Finance Director.

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British Government to invest £60 million in world's first air-breathing rocket engine

We're happy to announce that we've been awarded £60 million of investment from the British government. Find out more about how this investment will generate new jobs and push the project forward.

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